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Arusha Feed the Children


Arusha Feed the Children provides 752 primary school children in Arusha, Tanzania, with a hearty midday meal (the only food of the day). This midday meal increases attention and nutrition, supporting children's important educational journey.

Arusha Feed the Children was established by a group of  international volunteers at Azimio Primary Government School, including NPUCC member and coordinator Stacie Latimer, and in partnership with Azimio’s headmaster and staff.


Government schools in Tanzania do not receive funding for food. Teachers are dedicated, teaching classrooms of 87 - 92 students, and care deeply for their students. The students are focused and hard-working - but have no food provided to them during their 8-hour school days. Students also often experience food insecurity in their homes. (There are no food banks, pantries, or shelters in Arusha or its surrounding villages.)


Since July 23, 2023, meals have been provided daily to Azimo’s students.  The school's cook, Madam Coshuma, regained employment. Attendance at Azimio is up, achievement has improved, and families have come to rely on this hearty midday meal for their children.


Food costs per week are $400. This includes corn, beans, rice, cooking oil, transportation, use of a cornmeal machine, and Madam Coshuma's salary. Headmaster Novatus Mlay provides careful accounting of funds. Our goal: provide one full year of food (through December 2024) while concurrently working toward more sustainable, broader programs to provide food for schools.

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