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There are many activities in a church that bring people together. The people of Normandy Park UCC enjoy coming together in fellowship in a variety of ways.

Coffee Hour

Please join us after worship for coffee, tea, and treats. It is a great time to visit and make new friends.

NPUCC Normandy Park UCC "Normandy Park" united church of christ "United church of christ" family children youth event fellowship

Family First

Almost every month we offer a "Family First" inter-generational activity or event open to all, such as making cards and gift tags, baking treats as fundraisers, going to a Rainiers game, Christmas gift shopping for the children of Mary's Place, watching a movie, and even playing slot cars. Please check our newsletter The Towline for upcoming activities/events.


Many churches are known for their potlucks, and Normandy Park UCC is no exception! Potlucks are held at least every couple months following Sunday morning worship, with crowd favorites being the annual Strawberry Brunch on Father's Day and the outdoor worship and picnic, typically in August.

All Person's Fellowship 

Periodically the members of our church meet for a meal and conversation. We also go on field trips including outdoor gardens. Additionally, we have an annual All Church Retreat.

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TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19: Exercise class takes place most Mondays and Thursdays from 10-11 am in the Fellowship Hall.

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Bible & Brews

Once or twice a month on Fridays at 7 pm we ask the question—so why the Bible? We have explored Ecclesiastes; compared the Sermon on the Plains (Luke 6:17–49) with the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew: 5-7)... and the Gospel of Thomas; and dove into 1 Corinthians using a “Listen Up!” Bible study guide from the UCC. We meet on Zoom.

Partners in Ministry

CCCAS Ole Malamalama O Iesu Keriso (a Samoan congregation) holds their worship and fellowship activities at our church. On special occasions we celebrate worship and music together.

Local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops and AA also meet at the church.

NPUCC Normandy Park UCC "Normandy Park" united church of christ "United church of christ" malamalama cccas samoa samoan
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